Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Rant and A Rave (Literally)

Rant: What is the deal with the clothes that are in style lately? I hate the fact that I've now been alive long enough to see styles come and go and then come again. The 90's should not be coming back. Case in point: the jeans pictured below. If you are a perpetrator of the following trends, you are now dead to me.

Rave: We've been doing a lot of dancing lately. The group has fallen in love with a certain club that has mash-ups of current songs, classic songs, and a little bit of everything. We've gone 3 times this month. Most recently to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

To top that off, a friend from college's band has been on tour around the west coast and made a stop in San Fran lately.

Also, in honor of the late Whitney Houston, I've changed my ringtone to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", so rest assured when you call and it takes a while for me to pick up, I'm busting a move and will be there soon. Life is good, keep dancing.