Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shark Week Copycat

My friend Ashton already posted about our shark adventures together in Hawaii but I'm going to do it again, because I'm loving Shark Week and feel really proud to be able to say I did that when I watch people going down in shark cages on the Discovery Channel.

Did you see the one where a Great White swam into a cage through an opening and the people had to hide at the bottom for a while before mustering up the courage to escape out past him? Boy am I ever glad that didn't happen to us Ashton, although I think we both probably would have been pretty excited and thought it was pretty cool (our brains were a little too fried from the sun those few months).

Every time I'm in the ocean I try to swim out as far as I can hoping to see a shark, I wouldn't mind that much if I could tell people that the huge scar running down my arm was from a shark bite. My brother always gets angry with me for not following the buddy system and going against the "rules of the sea". He's old and boring ;). Living in Hawaii made me conquer my fears of pretty much everything I can think of. Heights, sharks, being kidnapped... I wouldn't mind spending a couple more months on the North Shore again one day.